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by moi  May 22, 2016 11:25 am

Are you getting enough sleep?

The correct question for this blog post is, “Am I getting enough sleep?” The answer to that would be not only no, but a lot less than I thought! I’ll start by reminding readers that good sleep is absolutely necessary for weight loss. The CDC says you should get 7-8 hours of sleep a night as an adult. I know I need 8.5-9 hours to be at my best. I also know I do not get that much or anywhere near.

The Fitbit One can track your sleep. I know there are other trackers out there that do it too. I have an app on one of my tablets that can track my sleep.  I already knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I work 12 hour shifts and I’m TIRED as all get out when I do my 3 day run. I recently started tracking my sleep with the Fitbit and I was shocked at how little sleep I was really getting. I’m averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep.

I used to work graveyards.   Funny thing that when I did I got MORE sleep than I do now.  The good TV shows aren’t on at 7am in the morning, nor did I need to cook or putz around the kitchen.  I did what needed to be done and went to bed.  There was always this timer going off in my head that counted the hours of sleep I would be getting until I went to bed.  I slept through the day as a result of a sleeping pill.  It was great!  Now, not so much.

Things happen in the evenings.  Booster meetings, band & choir concerts, rides to be given here or there, dinner, and then … the TV.  Who doesn’t zone out in front of the TV after work.  This right here is my downfall.  Meh.

Right now I am getting somewhere between 4 & 6 hours of sleep.  No wonder I’m so tired and no wonder I can’t lose weight or think.  I need to work on getting to bed earlier.

by moi  November 7, 2012 1:49 am

After a few days of feeling fairly crappy I ended up at the doctor’s office.  My head felt like it was going to explode and that I was bloated all over.  I also felt a bit light headed.  Turns out, I have a sinus infection.  I’m still trying to figure that one out because I haven’t had to blow my nose and I’m not coughing from post nasal drip.  That one surprised the doc.  So here I am with antibiotics.

Sunday night I was already feeling blah and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.  Hmm, light headed, let’s go check my blood pressure.  It was unusually high for me so I did some research for hypertension help.  Number one cause is stress.  The biggest stress I have in my life right now if finding a job.  I guess that it’s coming up on the year anniversary that Mom died and it might be stressing.  Since I’ve no health insurance at the moment, I of course look up non-medicating solutions; exercise, kill the salt, lose weight and reduce stress.

I’ll hit the first and most obvious one for me.  I very rarely salt anything.  I cook with salt and use it sparingly.  I generally use garlic powder.  Salt is easy as it is not my problem!  Stress reduction will come with time.  Everyone has stress at some point or another and I truly do not find this to be my real issue.  That leaves me with exercise and losing weight.  Guess why I’m here!

Grape juice from the juicer!

If you’re going to juice, make it pretty!

Because I hated the way I was starting to feel and that I thought I was having problem with hypertension, I went to the gym and walked for 30 minutes.  I also bought fruits and some veggies to juice based on heart healthy suggestions.  Two days later, I find out that it’s a sinus problem!  Since then I have felt a bit sicker and have taken it easy rather than make it to the gym.  Tomorrow will be no more excuses.



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