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Merry Christmas all!


Still in CHAOS

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My clean up efforts have gone to hell.  I am doing a somewhat decent job at keeping my sink shiny, at least one of them.  I’m having the problem of doing the same things expecting different results.  Why is it so much easier to diagnose a problem than it is to fix it?  Part of the answer is to get up and NOT sit down in front of the computer and TV.  Once I do that I’m doomed.  As a matter of fact I can’t even seem to blog in front of the TV at the moment.

Just 15 minutes at a time

I start a new job on the 2nd and often I will get to work from home.  I need to get at least some of my paper clutter under control by then so I at least have a decent surface to work.  Some of that will entail a “Monthly Habit” that The Flylady© has outlined for the month of October.  I realize it isn’t October however I think I need to adopt it for the month of January!  My goal over the weekend is to scan as many old bills/statements from credit cards etc as I can and then destroy the paper copies.



Workforce here I come

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Earlier this week a past co-worker/friend called me while I was grocery shopping.  He asked me to troubleshoot his email.  What??? While I’m shopping?  Are you for real?  Yes.  Ok, we walk through all the steps and finally I give.  I wouldn’t have gotten the answer however he told me it wouldn’t be necessary for the job he had.  Did I still need a job?  Yes!  It is mine.

The job starts on January 2nd

Today I went in and filled out all the paperwork.  The company is based in India and they asked for some strange things such as blood type and needed “certification” for my education for a background check.  No one checks educational qualifications!  It’s fine, I have my degree displayed at home.

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Is it working or not?

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My diet.  Well I don’t think I actually mentioned the company by name so here goes.  I ordered shakes from Isagenix.  It’s a program like just about all the Health & Wellness type things out there.  It’s been mighty slow starting however I have started to see a few minor changes.  This morning I saw 186lbs on the scales.  Might not sound like much but it IS some movement.

The first few weeks, nothing.  I ignored my sponsor (as one ought not) and finally went to talk to her.  It’s not that I really wanted to ignore her, its just that time of the year and I’ve really been inside my head too much for my own good.  I told her about it being a little slow and she asked what I was doing (exactly what/how) and gave me some suggestions.  She asked if I had been using/drinking purified water?  Nope.  Have I been drinking enough, of course not!  I went out and bought a filtering system and a slim jug to keep water in the fridge.  I think those 2 things might be helping however I am trying to track my excess (outside of the shakes) calories on SparkPeople.  I think that will also help.  Only time will tell.


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How’d that happen?

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I stepped on the scale and it said,


No idea how I managed to lose that weight but I did.   Mondays are my fast days so perhaps it was that or all the water I drank.  I have no idea but that makes me happy enough.  I logged some time at the gym yesterday as well as a geocache.  Not much else to say my friends.  Boring day.



Halloween, Christmas or just crazy clutter lady?

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Uh… busted, crazy clutter lady.  I’ve still got Halloween decorations out.  My youngest was supposed to help me take them down this weekend but it didn’t happen.  I’m surprised the apartment management hasn’t sent out reminders to remove our Halloween decor.

My living room has been a wild explosion of crafting for the past month.  Now that I think about it, it’s been longer than that, maybe 2-3 months.  Sewing is kinda put away, the rest has been mixed media.  The girls and I did some crafts for a fundraiser for her music boosters.  We sold about $18 worth.  I need to put the rest up on Etsy to see if I can recoup my costs.

Day 1 – Shine Your Sink

I went back to FlyLady today.  My sink is clean tonight.


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