Making money through Affiliate Links

Making money is the only way to get out of debt and making extra money is what I am doing here. Follow a link, use my codes, and we will earn some money together.

Save money on Shopping

The best way to save money is to just not spend it. There are necessities in life such as food and gas. Why not save some money on the things we must buy?

iBottaBetter than coupons.  Unlock rebates, shop & claim them.  Earn extra bonuses by building a team, finding bonuses for buying multiple products or redeeming a certain amount of rebates in a specified time period. Sign up with my link and we each get $5. You can use iBotta in conjunction with paper coupons.  As of March 2022 I have redeemed $820.05 in 9 years.
Checkout 51Want to save money while shopping?  Try Checkout 51.  Every Thursday there are new rebate offers.  Shop, upload your receipt and earn rebates. You can use Checkout 51 with coupons and with iBotta.  I make no money off this link.
GetUpsideWho wants to save on gas?? Please, download this app and save even a few pennies a gallon on your gas! You can even get discounts at local restaurants. I get a kickback when you use this app.
shopkickEarn “kicks” while you shop. You can earn “kicks” by scanning bar codes and earn even more “kicks” when you buy the products.
fetch RewardsEarn points by scanning receipts of ANY kind. Redeem points for gift cards or cash. Use my referral and we both get points!

Make money via your Internet activities

We all search the web for various topics, read our email, watch videos and play games. Making money while doing it is even better!

Inbox DollarsWith Inbox Dollars you can earn 2¢ just for reading an email. You also earn a few cents for Internet searches, watching videos, printing out coupons (and an additional 10¢ after using them), playing games and taking surveys. You can also make money from your grocery receipts. Use my link and we both get a few dollars.
MyPointsMy Points is a program where you can earn points for taking surveys, watching videos, doing web searches, printing & redeeming coupons, and shopping online. You can redeem your points for gift cards for dozens of retailers.  You can also make money from your grocery receipts. If you use my link I do earn points when you sign up.
SwagbucksSwagbucks has partnered up with My Points.  They are still 2 different entities.  You get bucks for watching videos, searching, games printing & redeeming coupons, and shopping online.  Install the Swagbutton and your browser can alert you to buck earning purchases. You can also make money from your grocery receipts. I earn points if you join with my link.

Earn money from travelling and walking

We walk, we drive, we fly. Earn some pennies while you do it.

MilesEarn points for your trips. Flying trips, driving trips, biking trips and walking trips! Trade your points for
evidationDo you have a body and fitness device?  You can earn a small bit of cash just for recording your activities, sleep, nutrition and weight.  Answer a few health related questions or join a health study to even even more. Try out evidation.
coin appEarn coins via walking or driving that can be traded for cypto coins like Bitcoin and XYO. Works with the crypto wallet via Coinbase.

Banking Shares

How about making money with some cold hard cash just for opening accounts?

SteadySteady can help you manage your money and offer you ways to earn extra cash. Sign up and I make $5.
VaroNew ways of banking! Varo comes with a Checking and Savings account. You sign up, deposit money and spend $20. We both earn $50!
AlbertDo you want to make an easy $150?? Join up, set up direct deposit and user your card. If you deposit $200 and then spend $100 then we each will get $150! This is easy money.
CoinbaseSign up for Coinbase and you can get $10 in cypto coin.

I also sell things to make money!

I sell things on Cafe Press, Etsy and Amazon

What should I say here?

Feeling generous or just wanna help a girl out? This will go to my PayPal account.  No amount is too small and will go towards paying off debt. Thanks in advance!


***  Throughout my blog I post Affiliate links.  If you sign up through these links, I make money.  If you purchase something through a link I post, I make money.  I post these things because I want to make money.