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by moi  May 9, 2012 11:46 pm

For a while now my tongue has seemed too large for my mouth.  Does your tongue grow larger over time like your nose?  I don’t think it actually does but mine sure feels like it has.  Often times I have woke up in the middle of the night to find my tongue between my teeth.  I’m not biting my tongue exactly, it just seems to be resting there.  You know the discs in your back between your vertebra, how they cushion?  That is what my tongue seems to do with my teeth.  There’s something wrong with that!

Maybe it’s time for braces?

I started paying more attention and decided that my tongue hadn’t really gotten larger as that my mouth seemed to be smaller.  No not really my mouth but inside my teeth, where your tongue rests.  My teeth seemed to be caving in leaving less room for my tongue.  I didn’t like that my teeth were caving in so I decided to go see the orthodontist.  Turns out that having your teeth cave in is what happens over time and that it would only get worse.

I’ve had crooked, crowded teeth for a very long time.  When my permanent teeth came in first I had a nice gap between the upper front teeth.  I didn’t think it would ever close.  Not only did it close but the two teeth surrounding the center two were raised and pushed out.  I’ve lived with this forever and would have been happy to go on this way until the whole tongue thing.  Crooked teeth aren’t so bad once you’re used to the sight of it, but a bruised tongue because you’re biting on it half the night, not cool.  Maybe it’s time for braces?


by moi  January 3, 2012 9:13 pm

Due to all the things dealing with my mother’s death and her estate this blog has taken a serious backseat in my life.  In attempt to actually get “caught up” there is some back filling being done.  If the “tense” of what you’re reading seems a little off between January and June, this is why.  Some of the entries are real time and some have been back-filled to match the timeline in which they happened.  I felt this was the best way to do things rather than to have large entries trying to explain things that have happened over a period of time.

This back-filling is mostly on the debt front.  Weight & clutter reduction have just had their normal ups and downs and will have less entries.  Any back-filling there will be in reflection.  There are things I feel I need to say and some of those things are somewhat reflective and relevant.  Anything after May should be up to date.

by moi  December 19, 2011 3:47 pm

I’m still sidetracking this blog.  Today I returned to work and dreading Christmas shopping for my girls.  I’m tired, low on funds and can’t get my brain to function, let alone get into the Christmas spirit. 

On the clutter front… ya, right. 


When you bring home “stuff” from your deceased parents’ home into an already too small and cluttered apartment, you have more clutter.  Yes, it reproduces all on its own.

by moi  December 12, 2011 4:48 pm

This is supposed to be a clutter day.  Oh the things I can say about clutter!  Friday afternoon, my mom’s co-workers had been begging to do something.  Since my aunts were flying in from halfway across the states and were going to stay at Mom’s, I consented to let them come clean.  They got there about 15 minutes before I had and even then I didn’t recognize the place!  Mom has always been a clutter bug, more so over the past 5 years.   When I first went over to the house last week her room had clothes drapped over EVERYTHING.  The bathroom’s second sink was covered in dust that would make you wonder if the dessert had moved in.  Spotless I tell you, spotless when they were finished.

As Flylady might say, God Bless the cleaning Angels!

Friday after we had made our decision we called nearly everyone we could think of to invite them to say their good-byes on Saturday.  Up until this point we’ve turned pretty much everyone away with the exception of a classmate that we’ve known since we moved into the area.  She might as well be a sister and stayed with us for many hours.  Even on Saturday, most people refused to believe they were saying good-bye.  I really wanted a miracle to happen.  I saw the changes daily, I knew there would be no miracle.

My aunts arrived Sunday night late.  My brother retrieved them from Mom’s and brought them to the hospital where I met them.  I won’t belabor the day, we spoke with the Palliative Care doctor once more with our aunts.  By lunchtime we had them remove her dialysis machine and we left to go eat.  When we got back, they were cleaning Mom up and making her comfortable.  Once she was cleaned up, they removed her breathing tube and it was then all up to Mom.  There were tears, stories about Mom, a prayer or two by the chaplin and lots of waiting.  The stubborn old woman gave it her best for the better part of  4 hours and then peacefully passed away.



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