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by moi  August 2, 2013 10:25 pm

Recently I read two different articles recently on how fast food workers, McDonald’s in particular, are being paid by debit card instead of an actual paper check.  It seems the reason they do this is because it is cheaper for the employer to do this rather than print checks.    While for some this sounds like an awesome idea because they do not need to have a bank account or if they do then it saves a trip to the bank.  For others, this is a complete nightmare.

These cards usually come with service charges.  Some charges seem rather normal like card replacement charges but according to this article, Fast Food Workers Paid With Fee-Heavy Debit Cards some of the charges can be absorbent.  There appear to be charges for general use, ATM withdrawal use and even inactivity.  That’s crazy in my book, use the card and be charged, don’t use the card and be charged!

Looks like the government it taking a look into this as referenced here Debit Card Pay: Extra Fees or Money-Saving Opportunity?  Since there’s been a lawsuit over this type of payment I guess I would want to know more about it too.  With all the fees associated with this type of card those working hard at their minimum wage jobs are being robbed pennies at a time of wages that could be best spent elsewhere.

A friend of my daughter’s works for a Wendy’s here locally.  She told me she was getting paid this way.  I told her about this article and she said she’d look into it.  As far as this 16 year old was concerned, she wasn’t getting charged any fees.  Turns out she is and her mother is looking into it.  I know I am glad to have the education and skill to be beyond this sort of a job.  This is just wrong in my not so humble opinion.

by moi  February 22, 2013 7:01 pm

To coupon or not to coupon?  For me, I’ve been leaning towards the “not to coupon,” for the past few years.  Coupons are great to save some money while shopping.  I still use coupons when I see them on the shelf while shopping at my favorite retailer so I can’t go around saying I never use them. They are there at my convenience.  I’ll share my reasons why I choose not to coupon at the end.  In the meantime check out the reasons these others do not coupon.

coupon – noun: A voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product.  A detachable portion of a bond that is given up in return for a payment of interest.

I seldom see coupons for apples or broccoli

Why don’t I coupon?

  1. Savings vs Time ratio is just not worth the effort
  2. Store brands are usually cheaper than national brands & coupon savings
  3. Coupons just aren’t available for what I’m buying
by moi  February 1, 2013 1:31 pm

Yesterday was payday.  A long awaited payday.  I’ve been employeed for a month with no money.  The day I’m supposed to actually get paid, nothing.  Turns out the paperwork I filled out the first day of work wasn’t filed.  It wasn’t just me, it was the other 2 guys in the office too.  Arg!  Its hard to pay your rent when there’s nothing in your account.  They managed to take a physical check to my bank and deposit it.  At least rent got paid.

by moi  January 25, 2013 11:58 am

Are you kidding me?  Misc Medical debt decided to sue me despite a verbal agreement to pay them $15 a week while unemployeed.  I kept my end of the bargain and have faithfully been paying them as I said I would.  $60 a month.  One of the guys called me in December and had indicated that the original debtor was not happy with the progress of the payoff and that they would “proceed”  Um, ok, what does that mean?  On the 20th I found out what that meant, they summoned me.

And I responded.

I laid out the other debts I had and the fact that I have been paying them weekly as was verbally agreed upon by in August.  Just so happens that I have a new job and upon receipt of my second paycheck on February 15th I was planning to raise that payment from $15 weekly to $50 weekly until paid off.  I still intend on doing this no matter what.  I even included the document from the state that indicated that I was behind in child support and that they were getting their money before my kids were getting theres.  Jerks.  We’ll see what happens.


by moi  January 7, 2013 12:16 am

Today’s post is cross category, it’s both debt and clutter.  I’ll explain in a moment.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a bit of traffic here.  I’ve been posting for over a year.   I fell down a bit last year when my mother passed away and did some random posting over the next few months (early 2012) and back filling where it seemed right to follow the timeline on some of my debt.  The past 2 months I finally sat down and attempted to write more often.

In updating over the past 2 weeks I reviewed a few things.  My weight has gone down, up and now a few more pounds down.  My clutter, um my clutter has gotten worse despite feeble attempts.  I keep trying and I don’t post much because I don’t feel there has been any real accomplishment.  The debt portion, well that seems to be real measurable success.  I’m not going to stop any distinct part of this blog because for me, they are truly tied together.  It fits for me.

This is where I need to work on traffic here.  I believe there is a sense of success when one is actually being read and possibly encouraged.  I found this gem Monetize Your Blog, part 4: 13 Great ways to build your traffic.  Most of these I already knew about only I haven’t taken advantage.  Well here we go, this is my first non commercial blog/website link.  Nothing in it for me folks, just sending traffic to a nicely written concise “How To” article.

It fits for me.

There are some things I have done, some I didn’t think of and others I won’t do.  Because I choose to blog anonymously I am not using my “home” Facebook account to publish things.  I want full disclosure on the numbers and my “dirty little secrets” here so I’d just rather they didn’t know the REAL me.  I hope that makes sense.  Due to this fact I can’t really advertise via Facebook.  I do have a Twitter account connected to the blog and an Etsy account.  I’ll just have to comment on other blogs with a link back here.

So, why is this a cross post?  I’m cleaning up my blog clutter!  The debt part is actually in the title of the link, “Monitize Your Blog.”  It will be a long time before this blog generates any sort of money and when it does, it will either pay down the debt, pay for the website hosting or start saving for the future.

by moi  January 2, 2013 6:20 pm

While out Christmas shopping I saw a FitBit.  I have owned many pedometers in the past, mostly the little cheap ones.  The problem I have with most pedometers is that they do not gauge my stride correctly.  This is what happens when you have short little child like legs.  Because of this little problem, they do not count mileage properly.  The step count may be correct as most seem to run on hip motion but if it thinks my stride is 2.5 ft/30in (the average) then I’m in trouble.  My stride is something more like 18 inches or about half of average.  Can you imagine when I walk with tall people….. I’m practically running.

Anyhow, the newer, more expensive FitBits will also track your sleeping.  I know I have apnea (haven’t been able to get into the doc for a long time to be re-examined) so I’d like to see what it says.  It looks interesting and also a small investment.  It also tracks in wirelessly with SparkPeople which is kinda cool.  No more guessing on calories or mileage.

I guess I need to do a little research on it.  No matter what, it will have to wait until after my first paycheck and my actual bills (not debt) are all caught up.   That includes child support.  I’ll get back to this in about a month.



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