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by moi  April 27, 2016 8:56 am

Falling all all the bandwagons kinda sucks.  Well maybe not all of them.  Once you’ve figured out that you’ve fallen you need to pick yourself up, dust off, reassess and jump back.   I mean it really IS that simple right?


It should be that simple, so why isn’t it?  I think it’s because you thought you were going along for a while and then all the sudden everything you were doing somehow isn’t working.  Maybe it’s because what you were doing was no longer effective.  Maybe what you were doing out lived it’s purpose.  Maybe you’ve plateaued and it’s time to shift gears.  Maybe you just don’t kn ow.  I think I just don’t know what to do anymore.


I am starting to feel like I’m swimming in thick fluid and not moving.  I know I am moving but it doesn’t feel like it.  I think I’ll spend the next few entries reassessing things and see where I am.  It’s that simple, right?

by moi  November 6, 2015 6:31 pm

I have known that my Good Year 6 months same as cash was ending this month.  I paid it off today.  I cheated a little in that I paid bills I would have paid with cash and put them on a the new card.  Since my card is getting 1% cash back and is currently at 0% interest I’m not feeling so bad.  Now I can pay all my extra cash against the card.

Even though I’ve gotten a new card, I will consider this one more monkey off my back.

by moi  September 18, 2015 9:14 am

October is when my 18 month same as cash card runs out on my daughter’s braces.  It was to be $100 a month.  I screwed up the first few months so I got a little bit behind.  I’ve been paying like CRAZY for the past 3 months with multiple payments.  Every little extra bit of money was going towards this bill just so I wouldn’t have to pay the interest since it is REALLY high.  Well I did it.  I paid it off before the end date!  It feels great to have yet another bill zero’d out.

by moi  September 4, 2015 6:47 pm

I did a bad thing.  I have a good purpose but I did a bad thing.  I got a new credit card.

My daughter, the senior, has a class field trip this year for band.  Its in Chicago, I’m in Seattle.  Even though I am busting my arse to pay off debt, I just do not have the extra cash to pay for this.  I’m finding some cash but just not enough.  This card is my “insurance” or back up plan to paying for this trip.  The trip wouldn’t be so difficult if I had started saving over the summer and some sort of fund raising.  I have to pay $1600 over a 4 month period.

I put my daughter as user on the card for emergencies.  I aim to give her some credit at least at this bank.  I have 0% interest through December of 2016.  I also get 1% cash back.  I plan to use this card will help me in short term ways between now and then.

Here’s to hoping this doesn’t get me into trouble in the long run.

by moi  June 19, 2015 12:27 am

You’ve heard of extreme couponing right?  That’s not what this is!  This is my version of stacking.  Extreme couponing wouldn’t work for me because I don’t often use many brand name items and stores in my area don’t double.  I don’t know that I have the time or space to do extreme couponing.

This is what I do.  I go to Inbox Dollars and go to the coupons link.  It uses  The upside of doing this is that for every coupon I use not only do I get the coupon value, but I also get an additional 10¢ added to my Inbox account.  Score!  I look for the items I actually use and then print them out.

I open up my favorite grocery store app.  Here in the Seattle area I use Safeway.  I get extra savings on things I buy often.  Sometimes there is a free item.  Sometimes I get a deep discount on an item, but mostly I get something that is 10% off the usual “club” price.   Sometimes there will be store coupons in the app, sometimes there will be manufacturer coupons.  It also shows the ad & sale items.  I add the things I need to my card.

I then checkout Ibotta and see what offers they have there and make sure I activate them.  Ibotta doesn’t care if you use coupons.  Coupons are taken off at the register, Ibotta saves you extra money after the fact into your account.

Here are some examples of what I do:

Each week I buy bananas.  Safeway gives me a pound for 59¢  CheckOut 51 will give me 25¢ off.  Ibotta will give me 20¢.  I’m getting a pound of bananas for about 9¢

Proctor & Gamble had a $3 bonus if you bought certain items at Rite Aid.  I bought Cover Girl eye product ($7.98/$2 through Ibotta, $1.50 manufacturer coupon), Secret Deodorant x2 BOGO50% ($5.99 & $2.98/$1.oo through Ibotta, $2 manufacturer coupon), Crest ($2.98/$1.00 though Ibotta)  & Bounty (99¢/$1 through Ibotta, 25¢ manufacturer coupon).  Total  20.92 with no discounts.  Minus $3.75 manufacturer coupons AND the 30¢ through InboxDollars, down to $16.87.  Ibotta savings $5 & $3 bonus == $8.  I got 20.92 in products for $8.87.   Oh… and I got my $1 bonus for June.

When money is tight, this is the way to go!

by moi  March 27, 2015 11:22 pm

Would you believe me if I told you I earned over $500 in free money since 2002?  All’s I did was shop, buy gas, eat out and use a credit card.  Upromise is a way to save for college for your little ones.  The program has changed a little bit since I signed up but it is still a great way to save for college.

What do you do?  You go to and sign up.  You add your loyalty cards, debit cards and the like.  When I first started this I earned money for shopping at the grocery store.  I earned 1% on various products such as Coke, diapers etc.  Later I earned money using my Upromise credit card.  You can shop through the Upromise website and earn “cash” back per purchase.  When you earn $500 you can open an educational savings account and let it earn.  The type of account you can open will differ from state to state.

Don’t have kids or don’t want to go to college?  You can cash out and do whatever you’d like with the money.  Because I waited until my daughter was 17 before trying to open and account I ended up putting it into my Roth IRA to gain money so I could borrow against it.



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