Redux & Reduction of Clutter, Debt and Weight
by moi  April 27, 2016 8:56 am

Falling all all the bandwagons kinda sucks.  Well maybe not all of them.  Once you’ve figured out that you’ve fallen you need to pick yourself up, dust off, reassess and jump back.   I mean it really IS that simple right?


It should be that simple, so why isn’t it?  I think it’s because you thought you were going along for a while and then all the sudden everything you were doing somehow isn’t working.  Maybe it’s because what you were doing was no longer effective.  Maybe what you were doing out lived it’s purpose.  Maybe you’ve plateaued and it’s time to shift gears.  Maybe you just don’t kn ow.  I think I just don’t know what to do anymore.


I am starting to feel like I’m swimming in thick fluid and not moving.  I know I am moving but it doesn’t feel like it.  I think I’ll spend the next few entries reassessing things and see where I am.  It’s that simple, right?

by moi  September 28, 2015 2:49 pm

My youngest daughter moved in with me.  She’s been here since the middle of August and I have temporary custody of her until the end of the year.  The whys don’t so much matter but what does matter is how much more clutter there is.  She and her sister share a room.  Her sister is accustom to spreading out in her room.  Now their stuff is spreading out into the common areas, the kitchen and all over the bathroom.  Yup, you try sharing a bathroom with two teenage girls.

One child is in the band.  What instrument does she play?  What band would you like to know about?  She’s down to 2 instruments that she plays regularly and has collected many more.  I think we have about 5-6 instruments at any given time.  Some are in her room.  Some are under the table.  Some are in the living room.

The other child is in cheer.  Parts of her uniform can be found in the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom.  Makeup?  I think there’s a counter under all that.  Knee brace?  Yup, UNDER the couch.  Socks?  Oh ya, they’re in my drawer.  Why?  Because they’re MY socks.

At least you can still see the rug.

How many dishes/cups can 2 teenagers go through in 2 days?  Nearly all of them.  How many teenagers do dishes without being told 3 times?  None of them.  How many dishes get left in the living room even after being asked to bring them to the kitchen?  Most of them.

Clothes.  Oh boy!  Might be clean, might be dirty.  Location is no indication.  Could be on the floor.  Could be in the hamper.  Could be hung up.  Might be folded.  Worn once and tossed in the laundry.  Has a food stain and it might be in the drawer.  I give up.  Since my girls are about the same size they wear the same clothes.  I don’t know what belongs to whom so I just don’t bother.  I fold it and then it goes wherever.

Crafting?  Let’s take mom’s stuff and do something with it without asking for permission and then don’t put it away…. for 2 weeks… even after being asked multiple times.

Add all of this to my own paper & crafting clutter and we have a the prime makings for the crazy clutter lady.  At least you can still see the rug.

by moi  September 1, 2014 10:02 pm

This past weekend my upstairs neighbor moved out.  I got a chance to briefly quiz him on this move.  The apartment priced him out and he was moving across the street.  I was afraid of that.  When our lease was up last March we were given a choice of rent amounts based on the length of our new lease.  This is common practice and generally speaking taking the longest least possible is the cheapest choice.  For the very first time at this complex the shortest lease was the cheapest and of course we took it.  This of course is going to have ramifications when this lease is up, they will gouge us.

I don’t have enough for first/last/deposit to move!

Here in Washington state, there is no rent control or illusion thereof.  What is most common is that you sign a lease for a certain time period and your rent is stable for that time period.  There is nothing stopping a landlord from upping the rent by 100% or more when that lease is up.  The possibilities are worse if you decide to go month to month as they can raise your rent higher and higher each month.  Granted they have to give you notice, but generally speaking it’s a months notice.

I mentioned the possibilities of having to move with my unemployed roommate.  She of course freaked out, understandably.  The response was something like, “I don’t have enough for first/last/deposit to move!”  I know that what she didn’t initially glean from that statement was the fact that the complex could simply price us out of the place and that we would be equally homeless.   I really don’t relish the idea of a move possibility either.  What I DO see is this being a good reason to start paring down, one box at a time.

by moi  January 14, 2013 12:45 pm

A few weeks ago with some help I emptied my storage unit in Momstown, shuffled some items and opened a new unit up here.  The price is better up here, the unit is a little smaller (still much bigger than I truly need) AND most importantly I can access it.  Now my children have a dresser they can use and I have a place remove more clutter from my apartment.  Please note I did say SHUFFLE here.

Goal: 1 box of shredded papers by Saturday

This shuffling is not clearing out clutter per say, it’s moving it out of view.  I have lots of boxes to go through and things to remove.  I discovered there was more in that storage unit than I remembered.  There were at least 3 boxes of pictures and 2 boxes of figurines for the brother and I to go through.  I’m going to need a scanning party to go through most of this stuff.  I will have to set that up on a weekend just to do what I have in my apartment then I can begin on the storage unit.  I see some projects in my future.

It is time to pull out the timer and do this in 15 minute chunks of time.  Oh and then remember to shred the important docs and remove the recycling from my place.  Ok, here’s my plan this week, clear part of my craft table, pull out the printer and scan while I watch TV and veg in the evenings after work.  I can do this.  Goal: 1 box of shredded papers by Saturday.  I can do this!

by moi  January 7, 2013 12:16 am

Today’s post is cross category, it’s both debt and clutter.  I’ll explain in a moment.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a bit of traffic here.  I’ve been posting for over a year.   I fell down a bit last year when my mother passed away and did some random posting over the next few months (early 2012) and back filling where it seemed right to follow the timeline on some of my debt.  The past 2 months I finally sat down and attempted to write more often.

In updating over the past 2 weeks I reviewed a few things.  My weight has gone down, up and now a few more pounds down.  My clutter, um my clutter has gotten worse despite feeble attempts.  I keep trying and I don’t post much because I don’t feel there has been any real accomplishment.  The debt portion, well that seems to be real measurable success.  I’m not going to stop any distinct part of this blog because for me, they are truly tied together.  It fits for me.

This is where I need to work on traffic here.  I believe there is a sense of success when one is actually being read and possibly encouraged.  I found this gem Monetize Your Blog, part 4: 13 Great ways to build your traffic.  Most of these I already knew about only I haven’t taken advantage.  Well here we go, this is my first non commercial blog/website link.  Nothing in it for me folks, just sending traffic to a nicely written concise “How To” article.

It fits for me.

There are some things I have done, some I didn’t think of and others I won’t do.  Because I choose to blog anonymously I am not using my “home” Facebook account to publish things.  I want full disclosure on the numbers and my “dirty little secrets” here so I’d just rather they didn’t know the REAL me.  I hope that makes sense.  Due to this fact I can’t really advertise via Facebook.  I do have a Twitter account connected to the blog and an Etsy account.  I’ll just have to comment on other blogs with a link back here.

So, why is this a cross post?  I’m cleaning up my blog clutter!  The debt part is actually in the title of the link, “Monitize Your Blog.”  It will be a long time before this blog generates any sort of money and when it does, it will either pay down the debt, pay for the website hosting or start saving for the future.

by moi  December 24, 2012 5:22 pm

My clean up efforts have gone to hell.  I am doing a somewhat decent job at keeping my sink shiny, at least one of them.  I’m having the problem of doing the same things expecting different results.  Why is it so much easier to diagnose a problem than it is to fix it?  Part of the answer is to get up and NOT sit down in front of the computer and TV.  Once I do that I’m doomed.  As a matter of fact I can’t even seem to blog in front of the TV at the moment.

Just 15 minutes at a time

I start a new job on the 2nd and often I will get to work from home.  I need to get at least some of my paper clutter under control by then so I at least have a decent surface to work.  Some of that will entail a “Monthly Habit” that The Flylady© has outlined for the month of October.  I realize it isn’t October however I think I need to adopt it for the month of January!  My goal over the weekend is to scan as many old bills/statements from credit cards etc as I can and then destroy the paper copies.



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