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I’ll be right up front about these links, I can make money from them.  I’m trying to reduce my debt so of course I want to make money.

Want to save money while shopping?  Try Checkout 51.  Every Thursday there are new rebate offers.  Shop, upload your receipt and earn rebates.  When you earn $20 you can ask for a check.  I make no money off this link.

iBotta – Better than coupons.  Unlock rebates, shop & claim them.  Earn extra bonuses by building a team, by finding bonuses for buying multiple products or just by redeeming a certain amount of rebates in a specified time period. Sign up with my link, join my team and we can earn teamwork bonuses together.  The coolest part of using iBotta is that you can use it in conjunction with paper coupons.  As of November 2016 I have redeemed $442.75 in 32 months.

Inbox Dollars   How would you like to earn 2¢ just for reading an email?  How about cash for searches or watching videos?  How would you like to print out coupons and then earn and additional 10¢ after you’ve used them? Sign up through the link above.  If you take a few surveys you can earn even more.  I do make referral bonuses off this link and when you have your own account, you can too.

Inbox Dollars affiliate link


I’ve been a member of My Points since 2001.  My Points is a program where you can earn points for reading emails, taking surveys, watching videos, doing web searches, print & redeem coupons and shopping online. Once you’ve earned a certain amount of points, you can redeem gift cards for dozens of popular sites like Amazon, Starbucks, the Olive Garden, Home Depot and so many more.  If you use my link I do earn points when you sign up.

Swagbucks has partnered up with My Points.  For now they are still 2 different entities.  You get points for watching videos, searching, games printing & redeeming coupons and most importantly shopping online.  Install the Swagbutton and your browser can alert you to point earning purchases.  Yes, I earn points if you join with my link.

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at


Join Swagbucks!


Do you want to release some weight, feel great and make money while doing it? How about looking and feeling your best? Athletes from all types of sports use our products. Please take a look at Isagenix. Tell me what I can order for you today!

Do you have a fitness device?  You can earn a small bit of cash just for recording your activities, sleep, nutrition and weight.  Try out Achievemint

I sell things on Cafe Press, Etsy and Amazon.

Vindale Surveys – Cash for surveys.

You get paid every time someone tries out a service through your Zip Nada Zilch link. There is something from everyone to try.

PayPalFeeling generous or just wanna help a girl out? You can do so just below by clicking the donate button. This will go to my PayPal account.  No amount is too small and will go towards paying off debt or paying towards the college fund for the kiddos. Thanks in advance!



***  Throughout my blog I post Affiliate links.  If you sign up through these links, I make money.  If you purchase something through a link I post, I make money.  I post these things because I want to make money.

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