About Me

When I started this blog in 2012 I was 46. I’ll let you do the math for today!  I’m a woman.  Isn’t that enough?  More than enough some days.  I’m trying to be less.   I’m on a quest.

There is so much more to me than being a middle-aged woman.  I am divorced.  I have 2 children who lived with their father when I started this blog, eventually moved in with me and now live on their own as young adults.  I was in debt up to my eyeballs and had very little help from their father when they lived at home. I have managed to get out of most that debt, created new debt and am now trying to pay off that debt.

reduction – noun:  The act of reducing or the state of being reduced or in Chemistry, the process or result of reducing

I can’t keep house to save my life.  In my current living situation most my stuff is in a storage unit.  There are so many things I should be rid of and still need to go through.  I have more clothes than God.  I feel the need to pare down and remove the clutter from my life.

I’ve been overweight since the birth of my first daughter over twenty plus years ago.  I’m still learning about how my body works as I age and what I need to do to keep healthy.  I’m doing some of the right things and I find myself needing to be more accountable.

redux– adjective:  Brought back; returned. Used postpositively.

I’m lacking close friends.  I’m lacking a mate.  I’m lacking in willpower and motivation.  I want to go back to something resembling the 24 year old me only wiser and “more” with less.  I plan to repaint the girl that was on a different canvas using a different medium.

This blog is about my journey of  decluttering, downsizing, debt reduction and decadent weight loss.

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