Redux & Reduction of Clutter, Debt and Weight
by moi  September 28, 2015 2:49 pm

My youngest daughter moved in with me.  She’s been here since the middle of August and I have temporary custody of her until the end of the year.  The whys don’t so much matter but what does matter is how much more clutter there is.  She and her sister share a room.  Her sister is accustom to spreading out in her room.  Now their stuff is spreading out into the common areas, the kitchen and all over the bathroom.  Yup, you try sharing a bathroom with two teenage girls.

One child is in the band.  What instrument does she play?  What band would you like to know about?  She’s down to 2 instruments that she plays regularly and has collected many more.  I think we have about 5-6 instruments at any given time.  Some are in her room.  Some are under the table.  Some are in the living room.

The other child is in cheer.  Parts of her uniform can be found in the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom.  Makeup?  I think there’s a counter under all that.  Knee brace?  Yup, UNDER the couch.  Socks?  Oh ya, they’re in my drawer.  Why?  Because they’re MY socks.

At least you can still see the rug.

How many dishes/cups can 2 teenagers go through in 2 days?  Nearly all of them.  How many teenagers do dishes without being told 3 times?  None of them.  How many dishes get left in the living room even after being asked to bring them to the kitchen?  Most of them.

Clothes.  Oh boy!  Might be clean, might be dirty.  Location is no indication.  Could be on the floor.  Could be in the hamper.  Could be hung up.  Might be folded.  Worn once and tossed in the laundry.  Has a food stain and it might be in the drawer.  I give up.  Since my girls are about the same size they wear the same clothes.  I don’t know what belongs to whom so I just don’t bother.  I fold it and then it goes wherever.

Crafting?  Let’s take mom’s stuff and do something with it without asking for permission and then don’t put it away…. for 2 weeks… even after being asked multiple times.

Add all of this to my own paper & crafting clutter and we have a the prime makings for the crazy clutter lady.  At least you can still see the rug.

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