You are hearby summoned

Are you kidding me?  Misc Medical debt decided to sue me despite a verbal agreement to pay them $15 a week while unemployeed.  I kept my end of the bargain and have faithfully been paying them as I said I would.  $60 a month.  One of the guys called me in December and had indicated that the original debtor was not happy with the progress of the payoff and that they would “proceed”  Um, ok, what does that mean?  On the 20th I found out what that meant, they summoned me.

And I responded.

I laid out the other debts I had and the fact that I have been paying them weekly as was verbally agreed upon by in August.  Just so happens that I have a new job and upon receipt of my second paycheck on February 15th I was planning to raise that payment from $15 weekly to $50 weekly until paid off.  I still intend on doing this no matter what.  I even included the document from the state that indicated that I was behind in child support and that they were getting their money before my kids were getting theres.  Jerks.  We’ll see what happens.


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