Everyday I’m shufflin’

A few weeks ago with some help I emptied my storage unit in Momstown, shuffled some items and opened a new unit up here.  The price is better up here, the unit is a little smaller (still much bigger than I truly need) AND most importantly I can access it.  Now my children have a dresser they can use and I have a place remove more clutter from my apartment.  Please note I did say SHUFFLE here.

Goal: 1 box of shredded papers by Saturday

This shuffling is not clearing out clutter per say, it’s moving it out of view.  I have lots of boxes to go through and things to remove.  I discovered there was more in that storage unit than I remembered.  There were at least 3 boxes of pictures and 2 boxes of figurines for the brother and I to go through.  I’m going to need a scanning party to go through most of this stuff.  I will have to set that up on a weekend just to do what I have in my apartment then I can begin on the storage unit.  I see some projects in my future.

It is time to pull out the timer and do this in 15 minute chunks of time.  Oh and then remember to shred the important docs and remove the recycling from my place.  Ok, here’s my plan this week, clear part of my craft table, pull out the printer and scan while I watch TV and veg in the evenings after work.  I can do this.  Goal: 1 box of shredded papers by Saturday.  I can do this!