To Walk or not to Walk

I decided a very long time ago that one can only really support one charity well.  You can’t support them all or you’ll go broke.  It feels good to give and it feels good to support a cause.  My charity choice is the fight against breast cancer.  If it sounds as if I’m coming up on a dilemma you would be right.  Its time to decide if I should walk the Susan G. Koman 3-Day this year.

One might ask what the dilemma is and I would reply there are a number of small ones that lead to the final answer.  I’ve done this walk before in 2007 – Seattle.  I learned a good number of things from doing it.  I became the fittest I ever have been since having children.  I walked more that summer than I ever thought I could.  I had a  small support group that included a friend or two to walk with me and a husband that made sure I had time away from the kids to get my walk time in.  This time would be a little different.

I learned that you can raise $2,200 through hard work and the help of friends.  Walking in the rain is necessary and wet.  Good friends will help you through thick and thin.  After raising the money to be able to walk, walking or not walking isn’t an issue.  Pacing yourself during the walk to preserve your own health and well being is not a crime.  Being tired at the end of your day is not an excuse to skip an awesome dance party on Saturday night.

I walked as a single walker with no team.  I think I would change that this time around.  Because I am short and have very short little legs, I walk slower than most people.  I’m slow and steady.  I walked with people as my pace and their pace came in sync.  I would want to find a group with which to walk should I do it again.  A team is better equipped to fund raise.

My dilemmas.  I thought about doing this walk last year while I wasn’t working.  I wasn’t feeling it.  Part of me doesn’t feel quite right raising money for a charity when I am in debt or not working.  It might appear that I would pocket money for my own expenses.  I’m working now so that perception has essentially gone away.  Fund raising is hard.  I wasn’t in the frame of mind to get fit.  This is an undertaking not to be taken lightly.  Either you decide to do it and DO IT or you do not.

The final dilemma I had over this walk, especially last year, was the stance Susan G. Komen took with Planned Parenthood.  It was a complete deal breaker for me last year.  I may make a post of its own on this dilemma another time to explain in depth my feelings.  I came to a conclusion that the only real player in the world for the cure for breast cancer IS Susan G. Komen.  If I want to support research for a cure for this particular kind of cancer then I need to get over my own politics and get behind SGK.  Its the right thing to do.

Pondering all sides.  I will make a decision by March 1st.

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