To FitBit or Not to FitBit?

While out Christmas shopping I saw a FitBit.  I have owned many pedometers in the past, mostly the little cheap ones.  The problem I have with most pedometers is that they do not gauge my stride correctly.  This is what happens when you have short little child like legs.  Because of this little problem, they do not count mileage properly.  The step count may be correct as most seem to run on hip motion but if it thinks my stride is 2.5 ft/30in (the average) then I’m in trouble.  My stride is something more like 18 inches or about half of average.  Can you imagine when I walk with tall people….. I’m practically running.

Anyhow, the newer, more expensive FitBits will also track your sleeping.  I know I have apnea (haven’t been able to get into the doc for a long time to be re-examined) so I’d like to see what it says.  It looks interesting and also a small investment.  It also tracks in wirelessly with SparkPeople which is kinda cool.  No more guessing on calories or mileage.

I guess I need to do a little research on it.  No matter what, it will have to wait until after my first paycheck and my actual bills (not debt) are all caught up.   That includes child support.  I’ll get back to this in about a month.

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