Still in CHAOS

My clean up efforts have gone to hell.  I am doing a somewhat decent job at keeping my sink shiny, at least one of them.  I’m having the problem of doing the same things expecting different results.  Why is it so much easier to diagnose a problem than it is to fix it?  Part of the answer is to get up and NOT sit down in front of the computer and TV.  Once I do that I’m doomed.  As a matter of fact I can’t even seem to blog in front of the TV at the moment.

Just 15 minutes at a time

I start a new job on the 2nd and often I will get to work from home.  I need to get at least some of my paper clutter under control by then so I at least have a decent surface to work.  Some of that will entail a “Monthly Habit” that The Flylady© has outlined for the month of October.  I realize it isn’t October however I think I need to adopt it for the month of January!  My goal over the weekend is to scan as many old bills/statements from credit cards etc as I can and then destroy the paper copies.


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