Is it working or not?

My diet.  Well I don’t think I actually mentioned the company by name so here goes.  I ordered shakes from Isagenix.  It’s a program like just about all the Health & Wellness type things out there.  It’s been mighty slow starting however I have started to see a few minor changes.  This morning I saw 186lbs on the scales.  Might not sound like much but it IS some movement.

The first few weeks, nothing.  I ignored my sponsor (as one ought not) and finally went to talk to her.  It’s not that I really wanted to ignore her, its just that time of the year and I’ve really been inside my head too much for my own good.  I told her about it being a little slow and she asked what I was doing (exactly what/how) and gave me some suggestions.  She asked if I had been using/drinking purified water?  Nope.  Have I been drinking enough, of course not!  I went out and bought a filtering system and a slim jug to keep water in the fridge.  I think those 2 things might be helping however I am trying to track my excess (outside of the shakes) calories on SparkPeople.  I think that will also help.  Only time will tell.


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