Halloween, Christmas or just crazy clutter lady?

Uh… busted, crazy clutter lady.  I’ve still got Halloween decorations out.  My youngest was supposed to help me take them down this weekend but it didn’t happen.  I’m surprised the apartment management hasn’t sent out reminders to remove our Halloween decor.

My living room has been a wild explosion of crafting for the past month.  Now that I think about it, it’s been longer than that, maybe 2-3 months.  Sewing is kinda put away, the rest has been mixed media.  The girls and I did some crafts for a fundraiser for her music boosters.  We sold about $18 worth.  I need to put the rest up on Etsy to see if I can recoup my costs.

Day 1 – Shine Your Sink

I went back to FlyLady today.  My sink is clean tonight.