New debts

I mentioned last week that I had incurred some new debt.  These were incurred earlier in the year, one while I was still working and the other in the works as I lost my job.  The first was a time share and the other was braces.

There was a reason for each that allowed me to justify.  I’ve had crooked teeth since junior high.  I’ve lived with it, wanting braces but accepting that I’d probably never do anything about it.  In the past 2 years I swear my tongue was getting too large for my mouth but instead the reality was that my back teeth were moving inward.  The orthodontist said this was actually normal as we age.  I decided that Mom would be delighted if I fixed my teeth with her money, so I decided to make the plunge.  The grand total was to be somewhere around $6500.  I had insurance that would cover about $1500 and I would pay out the rest.  I lost my job before they billed insurance so I didn’t get much of a break.  I put $4000 down and am to pay off the remaining balance over 12 months (since July).

Mom would be delighted if I fixed my teeth with her money

Now on to the time share.  I know, some will think I was completely crazy on this one.  In my defense I was working when I bought it.  In addition to getting out of debt I’m saving money to take my children to Europe in the summer of 2015.  I’ve already socked away part of mom’s insurance to pay for it.  It seemed like a good idea to buy into a time share to be paid over time to save money on housing in Europe.  I could also make money out of it by allowing people to stay places at my rates.  I haven’t made an effort to make any money yet.  Anyhow, that was about the same $6500.  I put $1000 down and have a payment of $100 a month until paid off at …. ouch 16.9%  I’ll work towards changing that as soon as I can get the rest paid down.

I will add these to my list.