The tape measure does not lie

Weight 11-21-12

November 21, 2012

 ·         Neck:    14.0    14.0

 ·         Bust:    42.0    43.0

 ·         Ribcage: 35.0    37.0   

 ·         Waist:   40.0    40.5

 ·         Hips:    46.0    48.0

 ·         Biceps:  13.5    14.0

 ·         Wrists:   6.0   

 ·         Thighs:  27.5    28.0

 ·         Ankles:   9.5     9.5

 ·         Knees:           19.5

 ·         Calves:          17.0

 I’m still not mentioning the company (although I probably should) and I knew I would need to weigh in with current numbers.  I’m going to say up front, I am horribly disappointed that the numbers have actually gone up a wee bit from last year.  This does not make me happy in any way.  Regardless, here are the numbers, side by side for comparison.  The first column is from October 2011 and the second column is from today.

Now, what I didn’t give you last year and will this year… PICTURES!

Side View 11-21-2012Turned View 11-21-2012Front View 11-21-2012

I figure I’ll try to update the pictures once a month as well as the numbers.

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