You’ve come a long way baby!

I had meant to keep on this in the right hand column but didn’t manage to do such.  At this point it will be its own posting.  Last October I posted the real numbers or pretty close to it, here.  Here is the updated numbers for those debts.

  • Car:                  $ 12,500    $10,500
  • Credit Card C:        $ 11,800    $ 9,600
  • Credit Card B:        $  3,200    $ 1,707
  • Credit Card A:        $  2,800    $ 1,462
  • Medical 1:            $ 13,000    $     0
  • Medical 2:            $  2,500    $ 2,546
  • Medical Misc:         $  1,200    $     0
  • Lawyer:               $  5,400    $     0
  • IRS:                  $  4,000    $     0
  • Total:                $ 56,400    $25,815

Now on one hand, that is absolutely freaking fantabeaulous!  On the other I am a little disappointed.  Most of that was paid off by Mom’s insurance, luck and mistake correction.  Part of me feels it wasn’t by any hard work of mine.  Well what was a bit of work was medical and the credit cards.  There is some bad news which this doesn’t reflect… there were new things bought.  Next week I’ll put up a new list to work forward from and I’ll keep this one up to date better.

To recap on some of the highlights, Medical 1 was mentioned in two entries “Unexpected break!” and  “That’s an appendix off my back“.  Misc. Medical was paid off here, Lawyer was “A call from the lawyer’s office” and the the IRS here.

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