What did I do?

I’m posting updates this week and next.  I’ve been sick with a sinus infection and putting on weight, I’m guessing because of antibiotics and the general “feed me I feel ill” feeling.  Creeping weight is insidious and worries me to no end.  I realize I need to get my arse in the gym so I’m trying to do whatever I can.  Week before last I tried juicing.  That lasted 2 days and wasted money on fruit and veggies that ended up going bad before I did anything with them.  Well the oranges and apples will get eaten.  My faithful barista at the local coffee shack had been telling me that her and her family (parents) had been doing some deal and it’s been working great, did I want to come take a look?  Alright I’m game for just about anything at this point.

I knew what I was walking myself into before I ever went.  I knew it was an MLM and I knew it was a diet plan.  What I didn’t know was what it entailed, what sort of MLM plan it was, what sort of compensation it had and would I like it.  I went with an open mind and quite frankly an open checkbook.   I’m not mentioning it just yet.  I will get my kit probably on Monday and will start on Tuesday.  I will weigh in, measure up and post the beginning information here on Wednesday next.

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