Let’s play “What not to wear!”

So the game goes a little like this, you have your friend come over and you go through your wardrobe.  You try on everything and your friend gets brutally honest with you and tells you what goes and what stays.  If you can’t get it past your hips, it’s too small and it needs to go.  If you can’t get it past your bicep, it goes.  If you pull it out of the tub and it belongs to the 80’s, then it needs to go.  If you hold it up and show a waistline that makes your friend gasp and state there is no way you were ever that thin… yes honey, it needs to go.  Needless to say, I have a pile of clothes that needs to be bagged up and sent off to the second hand store that would rival Mt. Rainer.  I have more room in my closet than I intended.  I have room in my drawers.

Yes, my waist used to be current size of one of my thighs!

I let go of some clothes I didn’t think I would.  Holding onto clothing 5 sizes smaller than your current size isn’t going to get you there by sitting in a box.  I held onto some clothes of that same category because the style is timeless, such as pencil skirts.  I’ve done this before but never to this degree.  Business dress and casual wear went into the pile.  I tossed in a few random socks and tiny children’s underwear just to round it out.

Now, if I could just do that with other areas of my apartment!

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