That’s an appendix off my back

Well sort of…. your appendix isn’t in your back but the monkey of the expense of the surgery is almost gone.

Last month I posted about an Unexpected Break!  I called the original debtor of Medical Debt 1 and asked them about the information I received from another company via phone call and presented to me on paper.  Yes indeed, it was a legitimate settlement of Medical Debt 1 of approximately $13,000.  I wasn’t given a particular reason as to the why behind the settlement however I was quite ecstatic and pleased.  The settlement was for 50% of the remaining balance or $6,493.38.

I already had Mom’s insurance paid out so I pulled out the checkbook and wrote a check for $6,493.38  It’s wonderful to have had a savings of $6500 on my debt through no effort of mine.  I am pleased to no end!


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