I know what its like to win the Lottery (and what not to do with it)

The money from mom’s life insurance was released.  I was listed as the sole beneficiary therefore it was given to me.  I chose to have an insurance account opened in my name that I can write checks against.  I cannot ever replace the money.  It was the best thing to do as the account is interest bearing and is by far better than any account a regular bank could offer.  Immediately I wrote my brother a check for $30,000

I’m not going to go into the non-exact accounting of my mom’s money.  It’s fluid.  There are no arguments between my brother and I on mom’s estate.  There’s some give, some take and what comes out in the wash.  This was the agreed upon number for this particular payout and it is what it is.

I wrote a check for $2000 to put one of my credit cards so I could pay off a smaller medical debt.  I put $5000 in my credit union to “spending money” and another $2000 in the bank.  Those were the responsible things.

I understand how people who win the lottery run out of money.  They tell themselves that they’ll just buy one or two fun things… uh huh, ya, sure.  With some of the money I stashed away in the bank and credit union I managed to squander away $1000 pretty easily without much of a blink.  I bought the Amazon Kindle I was holding out for.  I did however use a gift certificate I had.  I spent too much on different excursions to craft stores.  I finally realized I needed to stop.  I will not get out of debt if I don’t stop.

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