What diet?

It’s the holidays.  As if my diet wasn’t already thrown out the window, now we have to add holiday goodies to the mix.  I know, I just have to walk away and make a good choice.  Why bother?  Red Licorice?  HAH!  Not on your life can I walk away.  Cookies, totilla chips, salsa, candy, potlucks…  I forgot to mention that I had brought home 2 cookie platters and a some tub of homemade cookies from the funeral. 

Really, I’m just not going to bother quite yet.

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 ·         Neck:    14.0    14.0  ·         Bust:    42.0    43.0  ·         Ribcage: 35.0    37.0     ·         Waist:   40.0    40.5  ·         Hips:    46.0    48.0  ·         Biceps:  13.5    14.0  ·         Wrists:   6.0     ·         Thighs:  27.5