A receipt from 2006

Moving onto food this week is useless.  What I said last week is really all that needs to be said.  There was a little exercise to day, getting down on the floor, go through a box, get up, move things to another box, take the trash out etc.

I mentioned last week that Mom was a clutter bug.  I stand by that statement.  My Mom’s way of cleaning was to put everything on a surface into a bag and put it in another room.  Out of sight out of mind, right?  She had 2 dressers.  One was mostly empty of clothes and held some papers and receipts, mostly random stuff.  The other held her “small clothes”

Lesson for the day, do NOT let your clutter own you.  This is precisely why this blog exists.

We found many receipts from 2006.  Random things, catalogs, coupons, junkmail, useless things.  Bills from this and that.  Lists.  Pictures.  The one thing we had been looking for never turned up, a power of attorney.  By some small miracle I did find a folder that had some things we did need, put away from when Dad passed, her birth certificate, their marriage license, his death certificate and his DD214 papers from the Air Force.

Christmas decorations, Easter, Halloween and everything in between.  Candles, figurines, jewlery and video tapes.  Yup, nearly 4 whole boxes of video tapes, cassettes and DVD’s.  Pills, blood pressure cup, a soft cast, a half dozen lances and countless expired diabetic strips.  Antiques and old junk.  You name what you’d expect to find in a 66 year old woman’s house, it was probably there.

We took at least 3 cars full of items to a woman’s shelter.   Mostly clothes but also figurines and half used toiletries.  Enough costume jewlery to become her own Avon distributor.

Oh and the dust.  Between 2 smokers and all the dust in Mom’s place, I had to fight my asthma.   Thank goodness she had an inhaler.



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