Autopilot isn’t working

It has been a week of autopilot.  Autopilot is dangerous, very dangerous.  If you don’t have a plan, whatever “plan” you might have isn’t well thought out and you can get derailed SO fast that you haven’t a clue where the first wrong step landed.

Autopilot – a state or condition in which activity or behavior is regulated automatically in a predetermined or instinctive manner

Autopilot is when you look in the fridge/cupboard for something that isn’t there.  It isn’t as if I have a cupboard full of Oreos or Twinkies.  On the contrary, I have lots of staples in there.  What I don’t have are fruits and vegetables.  I have LOTS of starches but no lettuce for a nice healthy salad.

Autopilot is not following your list when you get to the store.  We’re not even talking the grocery store, we’re talking the Storage store.  I went to get ONE pole and ONE shelf and decided to get a crossbar.  Now granted, the bar was only $7.00 that $7.00 could and should have gone towards a payment on ANYTHING.

Autopilot is walking past the pile of dirty clothes when you’re heading into the bathroom right where the washer is.  It’s putting one more dirty dish on the pile in the sink and trying to figure out what stinks.  Its being too lazy to take out the trash.

Nope, autopilot isn’t good at this point.

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