Time change! W00T!

The end of Daylight Savings Time

Weigh in 11.9.11

Weigh in 11.9.11

This week I took full advantage of the time change this weekend.  The clocks went back on Sunday morning.  By 7pm Girl 1 was snuggled up to me because she was cold and we both fell asleep.  Come Monday morning, I took advantage of “extra” hour I had gained and went to the gym.  I’ve been thinking of doing this for a few weeks now.  I’m so glad I did it!

On Monday I did a 3 minutes wuss warm up on an elliptical.  Ouch.  Then I went to work my legs/gluts.  Ouch.  I only did 2 machines.  One was a sit down squat machine.  I could have pushed harder.  The other one was a sitting leg lift.  Ouch!  I did push quite hard on this one.  After that I went to the treadmill and did a walk/run.  I did 3 sprints.  The first one was for a full minute at 4.5 mph.  WOW.  I was even early for work!  Woo!

Look what I wore today.  I love my Vibrams.  They are called my ‘toed’ shoes.  A co-worker or 5 have them and I decided to try them.  First they are a great conversation starter.  I’ve had all kinds of people stop and ask me about them.  I had a kid in the grocery store stare at them.  I was puzzled, I thought she was looking at something in my cart.  Today they were rather comfortable.

On Tuesday I worked out my chest and back.  I did not hold back, I pushed quite hard for me.  Now that it’s Wednesday, OUCH.  Walking was on the agenda today.  I seriously thought about wussing out on the gym this morning and I can’t let myself do that.  Getting to bed at a decent hour is also a must.

Bedtime Routine

Another point I should make is FlyLady’s Before Bedtime Routine.  I mentioned it last post and this is when it really comes into play and the amount of time I spend in the gym.  Make up my gym bag and lunch before I go to bed.  Trying to take advantage of the time change to get a jump on things.

This week I took full advantage of the time change this weekend. The clocks went back on Sunday morning.

I started a SparkPeople page to track all the nitty gritty numbers like calories, workouts, food planning, etc.  I don’t believe I’ll be blogging there.  If you want to keep track of those stats or friend me there, you can find the link in the right hand column of My SparkPage