Weekend project – Halloween

Weekend project – Halloween

Halloween CostumeThe weekend is here and I have a weekend project to do.  I had intended on decluttering some paper this weekend.  I was going to scan older papers, put them on disk/Skydrive/some media, destroy or recycle and tidy up.  Being that Halloween was upon me and I have parties both on Sunday and next weekend I chose to sew my costume instead.  I rigged up the laptop to the TV, pulled up Star Trek : Voyager on Netflix and let my creative juices flow.

I didn’t have quite enough fabric so I improvised.  Between trying to decide how I was going to go about the improvisation and actually getting down to it, I cleaned up my kitchen.  The day was laid back.  I was a productive day for costuming.

Sunday I was out all day.  No cleaning or decluttering happened.  At some point I forgot to shine my sink.  I am still working on that.  The sewing machine is still out, the pattern hasn’t been folded and put away and the scraps of material haven’t been gathered and tossed.


I can only keep plodding along and continue to improve. One can only hope to move forward and not backward.  I have such a long way to go.

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