And off the Atkins wagon I go!

steakAs I mentioned in a previous post, I was doing Atkins.  For me, Atkins is very hard to do long term.  I get to a certain point and then all the sudden the protein just feels too heavy and I eat less and less.  When you eat too little, no matter the diet, your body goes into a starvation mode and all weightloss comes to a halt.  Besides, after 3 weeks, I was dying for carbs.  I’ve decided not to start up again until after Halloween.  Little chocolate bars everywhere are just too much temptation.


I keep contemplating going to the gym and it just doesn’t happen.  I’m too busy, too tired, too lazy.  I know my fat has shifted after losing 10lbs 2 months ago.  I somehow can’t even will myself to lift some weights at home or even stabilization exercises.  By the time I get home from work I’m starving and tired.  Plop! right onto the coach, on comes the TV and up comes the Facebook.  One of these days I’m just going to pack a bag for the gym so I won’t have the excuse that I must go home.  If I were to step foot in my place after work I’m done.  I won’t leave.  I know my limitations.  Here’s the really stupid part, once I start going I want to keep going.


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Ok, I haven’t weighed in for a while or posted any sort of weight anything.  I know, pictures or it didn’t happen, weigh-in this morning was around 183lbs.  I’ll take