To Occupy or To Not?

Occupy Wall Street

It’s been rather amazing watching different parts of this country pick up the Occupy Wall St. movement.  To say it’s multifaceted is quite an understatement.  There are those who don’t believe they are the 99% because they aren’t in over their head financially.  There are those who don’t understand what the fuss is about.  Some say Wall St. isn’t the problem its the government.  Others say the government isn’t the problem, big business is.  I think it’s all a big catch-22 and in order for things to right themselves everybody will need to “lose” something.

Wall Street

The Occupation of Wall  St. isn’t what this post is about, it’s what I read here that is.  The blog entry sums up a number of things over the occupation and most curiously contained a statement that was near and dear to my heart:

99% of the population of this country is one burst appendix away from bankruptcy.

Amen Sistah!

It’s payday again and in 2 short days I will be broke once more for the week as part 1 of 2 of my rent is being saved.  Next week will be part 2 of 2.  It shouldn’t take 2 paychecks to pay rent.

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