I’ve been doing Atkins for the past two and a half weeks.  It’s not a long term plan because I find it difficult to do long term.  The plan is to keep my cravings at bay.  This past weekend I went to a baby shower and packed my own lunch.  Seemed kind of strange and people were rather supportive when I explained.

I find that starting Atkins is really easy at first.  I’ve been using Stevia for a good while now, so I don’t miss sugar so much.  The main problem is when it comes to actually cooking.  Meat needs to be cooked.  Mashed cauliflower needs to be cooked & “processed”.  The “easy” meals aren’t nearly as healthy as I would have them be.  Sunday night I fell into a snack til you feel full mode.  That didn’t go over so well.

  • Neck: 14.0Weigh-in 10.19.11
  • Bust: 42.0
  • Under Bust (ribcage): 35.0
  • Waist: 40.0
  • Hips: 46.0
  • Biceps: (avg) 13.5
  • Wrists: 6.0
  • Thighs: 27.5
  • Ankles: 9.5

I haven’t lost the mega pounds that Induction should cause.  I’m relatively sure it’s because I’m just not eating enough.  Not only that, I’m not eating enough vegetables.  Protein is supposed to fill you up.  It also becomes hard to eat more than a little because you do fill up so quickly.  It’s just not enough calories.  That’s where the carbs need to come back into play.  While I was shopping I opted to get some wraps for my lunch.  I think I shall make a tuna wrap tomorrow.


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