The “About Me” page will explain what the blog itself is all about.  I hope to be able to update on a very regular basis.

Wednesdays will be dedicated to weight loss.  Today is about the basics.  I’m 5 foot nothing and weigh-in at about 179 lbs.  My body fat percentage as well as my scale can tell me is about 42%.  I’m really overweight if you know nothing about the height/weight chart.  The body fat might have been a clue!


How’d I get here?  I’m a typical woman in her 40’s, mother of 2, working full time and little “extra” energy.  I started out in my twenties right around 100 lbs.  My mom tells me I used to be a size 0 however I only ever remember being a size 3.  I went away to college and picked up the freshman 5 (15) as a junior.  Over the next 5-7 years I bounced around between 105 -115 lbs.

Weigh-in at Deliveries

My 30’s brought around children.  With my first doll I gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 lbs, weighing around 175 lbs by delivery.  My mother was positively furious with my OB for allowing me to get so big.  In the following few years I managed to get down to 140.  Then came doll #2.  In comparison, I didn’t gain as much as I did with the first one however I weighed in just shy of 195 lbs.  I was bigger around that I am tall.  That’s about 60 inches.  Next week I’ll upload the picture.

Doll #2 is now 10.  A few months ago I was creeping up on that pregnancy weight.  That is not cool.  I don’t even get a prize for weighing this much this time.  This has to stop.

This is me trying to figure out my weight and health.